Drawing, illustration and comics workshop (Ages 5-11) Monday 5:00 pm Schedule


I draw my world, an art class for all children who have a passion for both drawing and the world of comics, who love to portray everything around them and want to learn how to make portraits, monsters, dragons, dinosaurs, fairies, mysterious submarines, spaceships, or the animal of their dreams. As we bring or heroes and imaginary creatures to life, we will invent fantastic stories and invent characters through a variety of different media, among them pencil, charcoal, woodcut, engraving, ink, collage, and papier maché. We will be joined on our journey by illustrators and cartoonists who will help us to explore all the endless possibilities of comics.

Monday 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm

Monday class: November 28 – December 5, 12

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